Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's the holidays!!!!

And time to shop...A few tips to stop you worrying and worrying and worrying.
*Gift sets. Seperate them. Loads of gifts!
*Buy one, get one free...Can be your friend at this time.
*Charity shops. It's not old, it's vintage.
*And, at the January sales, pick up some stuff for next year...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm sorry. Really. But never fear, you can find some Money Miss at Pink World soon.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Impulse, smulpulse...Wow, try saying that with a mouthful of chocolate...

OK, impulse buying really sucks. Top = nice. Top = spent all my money. Nothing wrong with a little impulse buy here and there. In fact, it rocks. But, um, having no money doesn't. So, tips. Tips, tips, tips for everyone!
  • Have a little money set by, so you'll always have money if you, uh, need it. Oooh, those shoes are pretty!
  • Just wait a day. It will still be there. Trust me. But you might not want it.
  • OK, why the heck are you buying it? 'Cause it's cheap? Cool? You don't know? Just think of one thing you could use it for.
  • If you can't, DO NOT BUY IT. And I did need those giant paper clips, nosey.

Monday, September 25, 2006


OK, you're broke, what's new?
But never fear, Money Miss is here to help you look like a million dollars, on a dime...(Couldn't resist!)
1. CHAIN STORES! DISCOUNT STORES! Whatever you want to call them, GO THERE! You can pick up great clothes for next to nothing. These are my saviour.
2. Don't be afraid to go to uncool shops. You can get basics like polos and jumpers. Don't just don't say where you got them!
3. Go through mom's old stuff. I just got a load of hand-me-downs from my mum from the 80s. Love them. Love that they were free!
4. Have a clothes swap party with your friends. Get together once a month with your best gal pals and swap clothes. You'll always have new outfits!
5. Go to the guys section. No, I am not joking. You can get super cheap polos, tees, and if you want the boyfriend trend, why not go straight to the source?

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Tooth Fairy

This is for JYP.

She sails through the night
Picking up your teeth
Cursing that you forgot to brush
She wails,
"Is my job to do with placque?
I don't even get paid
A dentists Fees!"
And, so, tonight,
Little kiddies,
As you go to sleep,
Remember the tooth
And don't
To brush
SpammerJerks, why must you continue to torment me? The latest spam is from people who READ it! Like my post on Catherine Holstein, I got a spammer going on about elegant jewellery that goes well with sailor...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm feeling pretty crappy. This is because a week or two ago, I tried out for the school musical. We're doing The Sound of Music. I got a recall for the acting auditions, and for the last week have been waiting on tentorhooks to see if I made it.
So, after school, I went to the place where they were announcing who got a part.
All the major parts were announced, and I wasn't on the list.
I was a bit sad, but felt OK about it.
Then the guy said:
"These are the less major parts, they'll have one or two lines, and no singing. If you're one of these parts, the good thing is you can be in the chorus."
Oh, joy.
"Now, in the movie there's one major postulant, but we've decided to make two. Postulant 1, _________. Postulant 2..."
Then he called out my name.
See, the thing is, if I didn't get a part at all, I could just say to myself that I wasn't right for the parts, and there was always next year.
But being a postulant?
That's the worst thing ever.
If you've seen the movie, you know the scence where these two young nuns go up to the head nun (?), and say "mother, we have sinned" and hold up car parts from the Nazi jeeps?
I'm one of them.
I get to say mother, we have sinned.
It's so unfair. You know what makes it worse?
There's a girl who was really nervous at the auditions, and I lent her my song sheet and was nice to her.
Guess who got a major part?
She totally rubbed it in my face.
I guess I must have looked really downtrodden or something, because she "What's wrong?" and I was like "I play a nun," and she said: "Well at least you got a part."
Like she hadn't got a major part, or anything.
I feel so crappy.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Suprise, suprise...

I have another blog.

Crazy, I know...

But I've started my holiday shopping. Seriously, you wouldn't believe the amount of money you can save by buying your stuff early. Personally, I hit clearance sales year round for cheap goodies. Here are a few things that they'll never know were bought months ago...
  1. Clocks. I picked up a few clocks a few weeks ago for---wait for it--- 0.50!!! And they look cool.
  2. Handbags & Shoes & Jewellery. Pick some up in the sales and come the holidays, you'll be very popular!
  3. Books! Need I even explain this?
  4. Stationery. Head out to your nearest discount stationery shop, and grab the cute notepaper.

Just a little planning will mean you'll have more money for the January sales!

PS: Sign up for the Money Miss newsletter! Yes, you read right, NEWSLETTER!!! Just send a email to mmnewsletter {at} lissamail {dot} com with "subscripe" as the subject. You know how much I hate spammer jerks, so your email will be kept private!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Guess who has a new blog?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lookin' pretty on pennies

*You onlu need one lotion---body lotion. Use it as hand cream, foot cream, hair lotion, and, oh yeah, body lotion.
*Get a hair cut that grows out graceully. That way, you need to get your hair cut every 6 months.
*Hello, do you know how easy it is to do your own manicures?!
*Cut open your lotion bottles when you can't scoop out any more, then put it in a bottle.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sally Lockhart

If I email you, you'll see that it's from Sally Lockhart. Trust me, it's not. Sally Lockhart is a character from the a series of books by Philip Pullman, and I just typed it in for the fun of it. Whoops...

Ways to have more money, part 2

  1. Stop buying impulse things! Think about it: do you really need a pair of pink fluffy lepord print high heells??
  2. Buy your sweeties in bulk. And buy the own brand. 11 bars of own brand chocolate bars work out at... .25 each!!!
  3. Library, library, library....I'll be saying this forever...
  4. Instead of buying fashion magazines, just look on the net.

PS: Everybody thinks I'm weird because I'm a computer geek and I have tons of blogs. They don't know the addresses, I need someone to talk mean about them!

Me: Yeah, one them is a fashion blog.

S: That is SO weird.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I'm on the computers at school, and I'm:
Updating my blogs
Emailing people
Helping my friends
(They all want the same email account as I do, and want my help)
(Everybody in the entire ROOM is peeking over my shoulder, AND MY EMAIL ACCOUNT IS LISSA MAIL)

Saturday, September 02, 2006


1083 visitors!!!!! I nearly have 2000!!!!!!!!!!! And, whoever was 1000 didn't tell me, so if you don't tell me if you're 2000 I will be MAD.

Oh, no, I can't think of a title, whatever shall I do????

OK, new email:
mm25 {at} lissamail {dot} com.
It wouldn't let me use money miss, boo hoo. Sooo...
I actually like maths, but my teacher is fast putting me off it.
GUESS what he did?!
Oh, only put up a broken clock, so we were all wondering WHY time was going so slowly, until he told us.
Pure evil.
My year is one of the younger years, so we get shoved out of our seat a lot.
Anyway, you're tired of this, so:
ASK MONEY MISS!!!!!!!! Email your questions and if you're lucky, I'll answer them on my blog.
So long. (And people, quit it with the bitch thing in my chat.)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Your email address:

Say it!


Yes! You can email me!
I'm at the library, 'cause our computer is disconnected.
School starts tomorrow. *sobs* :(
Luckily, the first two days are HALF-DAYS!!!! WITH NO HOMEWORK!!!!
Cool. :)
I'll try and update as much as possible, BUT........

Oh, nuts, it doesn't work.

teenblognetwork {at} lissamail {dot} com.


Yes indeedy I'm back...for a while. :)

Heya guys! Miss me much? Grrr, this computer is so slow...the library one is even worse then my one at home. I didn't think that was possible. :(
I start school tomorrow. *sobs* :( Oh well, at least the first two days are half days. NO HOMEWORK!!!!! OH, JOY. dAMN, DON'T BLAME THE WEIRD LETTERING ON ME, IT'S THIS STUPID COMPUTER. (sORRY FOR SWEARING, IT'S JUST THIS STUPID THINGS ME SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

So, I just know you won't be able to survive without my company. LOL. :) So, I've started...
Teen Blog Network
Simply submit your blog address with a brief description...in the comments, and I might put it up. And I might let people who aren't teens in!

Keep me in bookmarked

Sorry, but I won't be able to post for a couple of weeks...I'm SOOOOO busy! Buzzy, in fact. That means busy as a bee. Get it?! Buzz? Bee? Never mind.
But anyway, I start school in a few days, I'm getting my uniform tomorrow...
I'll try and update as much as I can, but don't keep your hopes up...
Sorry. :(

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

FREE! STUFF! FREE! STUFF! (replacment version)

The reason this blog is here is thanks to Frapp of Frapp Fashion who told me how to do the word linky thingy. A round of applause!
The Animal Rescue Site I love this site. Free charity? Just by clicking a button? Surely even the laziest of us (i.e. me) can do this.
Archie Comics Hello?! Free comics?! And advice columns?! I'm so there.
Rich Kid, Smart Kid OK...these games are incredibly silly. But still.
Chic Knits If you can knit (unlike me), here's some free patterns for ya.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Har, har. From seventeen.com: Your horoscope forTuesday, August 22, 2006 A group of people will show their affection for you today, and you'll be surprised at the way that you react. You might see that the old saying about no one being "an island" is true; and you may even get quite emotional about how much you're liked. A small party celebrating the end of a summer job or internship could be the new beginning for lots of lasting friendships.

Yeah. Sure. That really happened.

Free stuff for your blog/website

As you may have noticed I have a lot of extras on my blog. I love them because they're quite and FREE! Here's where to get them:
http://home.gabbly.com This is where I got my chat feature. It's free, takes a few minutes and is very cool.
http://easy-hit-counters.com/ This is the hit counter I use. I like it because it was the only one that let me type in a phony email. Since I don't have one. :)
http://www.clocklink.com/ Where I got my adorable skull clock. They've got animal ones, cartoony ones, serious ones, and countdown clocks. All FREE!
http://www.pollhost.com/ This is definitely my favourite poll site. Plus, if you want to make a quick poll you don't even have to sign up!
http://wholinkstome.com/ This is cute. Maybe not the most interesting to your readers, but you can see who links to you.

PS: Wondering about the pig on my profile? That's CHUBBY CHOPS, my piggy bank. Say hi to him!
PPS: How do you do the word linky thingy? There's probably a proper name that isn't word linky thingy, but I don't know what it is, so word linky thingy it is destined to remain.

Taking a stand

Or a sit as the case may be.
That's right.
NO MORE POSTS until someone:
  1. Tells me how to make a header
  2. Chats on my new CHAT FEATURE (Up there)
  3. Um...

*crosses arms defiantly*


OK, I'm too afraid that no one will visit if I don't post. So, here are my top 5 money tips (yeah, it should be 10, but I can't think of 10)

  1. Wait for the sales, if whatever it is isn't necessary RIGHT NOW. (Yes, darling, those vegetarian kitten heel slouch boots are necessary)
  3. Buy in bulk. No, not ankle boots. I mean CHOCOLATE!!!! It's cheaper if you buy huge packs...even more so if you buy the own store brand. (Hello, 15 treatsize bars for 1.25...mmm.)
  4. Swapathon. Get together with your friends and swap your shoes/games/books/CDs/magazines/clothes. (This only works if you don't have huge feet like me, and are ten times taller then everyone else. Including the boys. OH, YEAH, BE POSTIVE ABOUT HEIGHT.) (Obviously it doesn't matter about the size of your feet if it's books.)
  5. La la, I love loose change. Once you've got quite a lot of 'em, bring them to a coin machine or whatever it's called and get CASH. Wait for it, in the last two years I've made 70 from loose change.

What's that you say? The vast majority is stuff I've posted before? Oh la la, got to run...

PS: WHO WILL BE #1000?!?!?!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Picture posting, websites, chats, and whatever else pops into my head

OK, please do the chat thang.
I was thinking of setting up a Money Miss website as well as the blog. Don't worry, the blog is here to stay!
And, BEFORE I PUT UP MY EMAIL ADDRESS I NEED TO GET AN EMAIL ACCOUNT. Something which may or may not happen in the future. I'm trying to decide between Gmail and Yahoo. Gmail reads your emails, but seems cool...Thoughts?
PS: The photo is for my header.
PPS: If I set up a website, I'd put up features such as...
So...would ya visit it?!
PS: SOMEONE HELP ME FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE A HEADER!!!! I looked on Blogger Help but there was NOTHING useful...please help poor Money Miss.
PPS: And don't forget to chat.
PPPS: And tell me your opinions on a Money Miss website.
PPPPS: And your opinions on Beta.

What do you think?

Should I switch my blog to Beta? I'm planning a revamp, as soon as I figure out how to make a header, so if all my template went away, it would be fine. Also, does anyone think I should set a website? I'm thinking about getting a Geocity, what do you guys think? Has anyone switched to Beta? Is it better/worse? Help! So, the questions are:
  1. Is Beta better?
  2. How do you make your own template?
  3. Would you visit a Money Miss website? oh, and...
  4. Does anyone want me to put up a email?

Your thoughts would be much appreciated!

PS: What do you think of my chat feature?! I found out about it from labnol.blogspot.com

Sunday, August 20, 2006


From seventeen.com: Your horoscope for Sunday, August 20, 2006 If you and your guy or a good friend have trouble making plans today, don't fret. The void moon can interfere with your ability to get in touch with what you want. You might think you're bored, or people are stubborn, but there is a way to break the monotony. Enjoy the day moment by moment, taking one step at a time to see where it might lead

Yeah, right. My faith that never existed has left the building. I really should delete those horoscopes from my favourites.

Free! Stuff! Free! Stuff!

OK, I have a feeling even though *checks blog* 822 of you are reading, you might be getting sick of my endless short stories and rants about uniforms, so I've decided to post all the free things I've found on the net:

  • Lissa Explains
  • With this web help site I might actually figure out some stuff I want to do.

  • The Animal Rescue Site>
  • Love love love love love this site. How could I not?

  • Homemade Beauty>
  • Making your own beauty products is always cheaper.
    Very good quiz on what you should wear.

    ARRGGGHH!!! All the links are somehow leading to Blogger...Don't click until I figure it out...

    Oh, yeah...I'm so cool

    801 hits!!!!!!!!!!!
    Only 199 hits from a 1000....

    Saturday, August 19, 2006


    My horoscope from teenmag.com: Windows will attract your gaze -- anywhere but here seems like a pleasant place to spend a day. When forced to interact with people you don't like, change the conversation to something you know won't interest them.

    The only windows I've been looking at today are the start up ones on my computer.
    I'm losing my faith in astrology.
    Wait, I had faith?!

    Another short story, this one sci-fi/fantasy.

    Two people fall beside me, and I wonder what's going on. Then Tyler yells to drop, they've found out. I know I have to, but I'm frozen. When a shot whistles past me, I come to my senses and fall down, roll over and let my arms fall across my face. It's the only way to stop them from getting us, to pretend we're dead.
    The shooting stops, I dare to let out my breath when I hear footsteps. "Yeah, we stopped them," someone grunts, prodding me with his foot. It's all I can do to stop myself from launching myself at him and making him wish he was never born. But I know I can't do that, because everything would be over. "We did," says a voice, cold and flat, and a chill runs down my spine as I realise who it is. I'm dead, you don't know me, you're going away, I'm dead I'm dead I'mdeadI'mdeadi'mdead I think, hoping it will work. I hear footsteps grow fainter, breath, as I realise I've been holding my breath for a while. I slowly get up, but freeze when I see him.
    I gasp, and his eyes open wide.
    "I thought it was you, but I wasn't sure...Your hair..."
    I reach up, but my hair is like it always was, jet black and down to my waist. But then as I run my hand over my head, I come across a singed bald spot. I gasp, wonder how it happened, then realise it happened earlier.
    I look at him.
    "Michael. Please. Why do we have to do this? Why?"
    "We don't, Mira. We don't."
    "You mean, you'll-?"
    I breath, darely able to hope.
    He looks down, shakes his head.
    "No. I couldn't."
    Then he walks away, his head hung low, a gun by his side.
    My brother.

    I slowly sit down on the grass, and place my head in my hands. I want to cry, but I can't.
    Tyler comes over and lays a hand on my shoulder.
    "Did you-?"
    He asks, his voice hesitant.
    I shake my head
    "You know I could never do that to him."
    "I know."
    It's barely a whisper.

    We go back, two less then when we started. Siobhan runs up, wanting to know if it worked, but when she sees our faces, she knows. Her face falls, she scans all fifteen of us, looking for her daughter.
    She's not there.
    "No--she didn't?"
    When none of us answer she falls sobbing to the ground.
    Why does it have to be like this?
    Maybe one thing went wrong, but that doesn't mean all this has to happen...
    But I shake the thought out of my head, and walk slowly over to my tent.
    There's a note on my pillow, I pick it up, wondering what it is.
    Someone once said war isn't the answer.
    A gasp comes out of me, the note drops from my fingers and flutters to the floor.
    Surely no one here? So...

    All through dinner, I find myself wondering about Michael.
    My twin, my second half.
    Where did it all go wrong?
    We were always together, united. But know, we couldn't be further apart. My thoughts drift back to the note, and I wonder again who wrote it. When I read it, I immediately thought it couldn't be any of us, but now I'm not so sure.
    Do any of us want this?
    I look around, and see tired hagged faces. Maybe we should stop? All this is doing is hurting more people...
    But then I look down to the small scar on my wrist, and all my thoughts are cast away.
    Two part of one whole. United. Now torn, and each vital to each side...
    The thought pops into my head, and for the first time I see both of us are vital.
    Would this whole thing have happened without us?
    Even if it had, would it have grown to the level it has now?
    Who knows?
    I once read, when I was in hospital, that there was some guy who figured out this theory. The theory was, that all our lives are like static on a television, planned out and we can't take a different route. You can't stop what happens. All the static (or lives) runs along each other, and sometimes it's so thin, you can catch a glimpse of a different time, and that's psychic.
    The bit about being psychic didn't interest me, it was the bit about having everything planned out, and that you couldn't change it that I found interesting.
    Is it true?
    Did I have no choice?
    Was it mapped out?
    I don't know.

    Dun, dun DUHN!!!
    Saga! You'll have to wait till I feel like updating to find out the rest...

    If you want to be my friend forever, send me these things.

    1. Avalon High by Meg Cabot. Hello? I'm a total fantasy freak, so this retelling of King Arthur is so up my street.
    2. Paradise Kiss. Plenty of people think I'm weird because I love comics, manga, fantasy, etc. But with this Tokyopop manga, I'm willing to go through the weird looks. With a tagline like "Where high fashion and deep passion collide", how could I not?!
    3. Cardcaptor Sakura. Yes, this is more manga. Well, since my mother has banned me from watching anime, because it's "too violent", manga is my only refuge from the O.C. (I know, what's wrong with her? I met a manga writer a few months ago, and she said Teen Titans was the only anime she could think of that wasn't too violent. Sure.)
    4. Someone to help figure out my iPod. These things are supposed to be idiot proof. And I'm quite good with computers (my knowledge came from Dummies books, but still). Grr!
    5. A new computer. So I can watch YouTube. Our computer is so old.
    6. A good fit pair of jeans. Now impossible to find, because skinny is in style. Why? *falls down on knees* *gets up because she doesn't want to mess up clothes*
    7. Queen Bee. Yes, this is manga. And I want it! Now!
    8. Basically, Tokyopop's entire stock.
    9. Faux leather boots.

    After It Was Explained What 'Girls' Are, His Odds Immediately Improved

    Guy: Damnit, no girl ever wants to go out with me.
    Girl: What do you mean?
    Guy: I don't think girls like me; they say I'm an ass.
    Girl: I like you!
    Guy: I don't date dudes.


    Overheard by: Nozomi

    via Overheard in New York, Aug 19, 2006
    Oooh, this quote is so funny! I've never been to New York, it's doubtful I'll ever go to New York, but I can always visit New York! (via this website!)

    I'm so pleased. Really. Seriously.

    You scored as Gunshot. Your death will be by gunshot, probably because you are some important person or whatever. Possibly a sniper, nice, quick, clean shot to the head. Just beautiful.







    Natural Causes
















    Cut Throat




    How Will You Die??
    created with QuizFarm.com

    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Another short story...this one quite possibly WEIRD.

    I stare at the mirror, wondering if my lipgloss is OK. I shouldn't have bought it, it's too bright...
    My mobile rings. "Hello?"
    "Jasmine---is that you?!"
    It's Mum---and she sounds seriously worried. I sigh. "Yeah, it's my phone, who else would it be?"
    I expect her to start going on about not giving her cheek, but...
    "Jasmine, come quickly. We're at the hospital, Sinead has just been in a car crash..."
    And she suddenly bursts into tears. "Mum?! D-don't worry, OK? It'll be OK...right?"
    My voice is hesitant.
    Her voice breaks.
    "They don't know, Jasmine. She's in a coma and the doctors said..."
    Fresh sobbing.
    "Don't worry, I'll be there, OK?"
    She doesn't answer, just sobs one last time and hangs up.
    I feel brief annoyance, but then check myself. For gods sake, Sinead's in a coma! What do I expect?
    But I can't help it.
    I try to find my bag, but then realise it doesn't matter. I just need to get to my sister!
    And slowly tears run down my face, and I collapse in a heap beside the sink. Why am I an hours drive from the hospital? Why? Why did I decide to go to stupid drama camp? We live right next to the hospital, I could be there now...
    I rub my hand against my eyes, I need to stop and just get to my younger sister!
    And then I'm running out of the bathroom, running to Julia's office. I reach it, and pund on the door, out of breath and sobbing. "Jasmine, just what---" she breaks off when she sees me. "What's wrong?" she asks, her voice hesitant.
    "My---sister, she's in a accident---she needs, hospital right now, can you take me?"
    I say fast, but somehow she manages to understand me, putting her arm around me and yelling to someone to look after things, she's going to the hopital. She leads me into the backseat of a range rover, and by now I'm numb, just thinking about Sinead.
    What's wrong with her?
    A coma?
    How serious?
    It can't be that bad! It just can't!
    More tears run down my face.
    She's my younger sister, and she's always hated the fact I got more attention. She won a certificate for acting, the very day I got the lead in the school play.
    She was so happy when she got on the tennis team, but Mum couldn't go to her first match because I was in a tennis tournament.
    Countless other stories.
    Why did I do it?
    Why couldn't I have let her shine, just once?
    I cram my fist into my mouth, sobbing and sobbing. Julia is saying something, but I don't listen.
    How did she get into an accident?
    Was she in Mum's car?
    Was she crossing the street?
    Was she riding her bike on the motorway?
    There's so many ways it could have happened, but why?
    She never once got a chance to shine. Never once had a chance to be congratulated. She never smiled as she took an award, knowing her family were there, proud.
    But she was always so nice about it.
    She never lived, and my little sister...
    Three years...
    Oh, god, why?
    Couldn't I have been the once to die?
    My life has been happy, I've had so many chances, but Sinead never had any.
    She's never had a life, while I have.
    It's so unfair.
    God, why couldn't have been me?
    Couldn't you kill me?
    But she's not dead, I remind myself.
    But I know, I jsut know somehow that she is.
    Kill me. Just let her live. Kill me instead of her, please...
    If there's anyone listening?
    Suddenly my head jerks back, I hear Julia scream. The car turns over I turn over pain I'm stuck in the seat belt my legs fly up...
    Somewhere I hear someone screaming at me to take off the seat belt and I dimly obey.
    The car turns over once more I go towards the glass I grab something anything, because I know if I go through the glass it's all over...
    I grab the seat the car jolts again it's all over I fly through the class I hear something snap my neck hurts everything hurts...
    I land on the ground I hear someone beside me some screaming for an ambulance I hear a siren everything hurts make the pain go away...
    Maybe if I go to sleep the pain will go away yes that's right I close my eyes let the black envelope me...

    In a hospital bed a girl opens her eyes.

    Reasons why I haven't blogged about money

    1. I'm under the weather. I'm one of those annoying people who never get seriously ill, but always have a cold or hay fever. Right now it's the cold, hence the coughing and streaming eyes and "OHMYGOD, SNEEZING ALL OVER YOUR COMPUTER DOESN'T HARM IT, RIGHT?!"
    2. I'm having too much fun blogging about lipgloss and posting stories.
    3. You all seem to be managing just well.
    4. I'm too lazy.

    Alternative Uses for Lipgloss

    1. It is an excellent way to see if anyone is following you. Simply use your compact to look over your shoulder. Simple!
    2. It makes an excellent glue, if the way it makes my hair stick to my lips is any indication.
    3. If you're in a fight to the death, simply shove some lipgloss in their mouth to distract them. Trust me, it's icky.
    4. If you need to escape from a psychopath you've met, simply say "Sorry, got to go and apply more lipgloss" and escape out the window. (So much more modern then powder puffs.)
    5. If you want to make yourself worry, apply lipgloss. After you apply it, you will worry if it's staying on/your colour/really glue if the hair thing is any indication, etc.
    6. It's a much more effective antidepressant then Prozac. Lipgloss cheers!

    Films I soooo want to see right now

    Snakes on a Plane
    There's snakes. On a plane. As Samuel Jackson said: "It's snakes on a plane. What more do ya need tuh say?" They didn't allow media critics in, but never fear, once I see it, I will inform you.
    A Scanner Darkly
    The plot doesn't look that original (some drug causes havoc. Snore.), but I DO like the concept: The OC in the fututre, and it's bad, very bad. Plus, the artwork is AM-AZ-ING!
    John Tucker Must Die
    Teen movie! With three scheming girls! All it needs is Lindsay Lohan.
    I'm 4 hits away from...
    700 hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tell your friends! Call the news! Heck, just visit my blog!!!
    PS: Tell me if you're the 700th visitor, OK?


    Glad you guys liked my story.
    I wasn't aware that I should finish it, that was supposed to be the end. But if anyone wants me to write more, I will. I might have to go to Paris for research, which I am. In October. (!!!!!!!) So, if anyone wants me to finish, you'll have to wait till October, OK?

    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    New blog


    It's mean, it's lean...it's had no visitors.
    Go visit my new blog.

    Some short story I composed in my head and propbably won't have a proper ending

    What parents don't think about before they get divorced is the enviroment.
    I mean, think about it. Most people when they get divorced, move and put a bit between them. This means the poor hapless child (me) is forced to be driven to and fro, thus ruining the enviroment. That's bad enough, but when your parents live in different countries, all those plane journies have got to heat up the ozone. And, even worse is that my mom is a fashion designer, and thus jetsets off all around the world. And I get dragged along. I don't think we've ever lived in a house, just stayed in hotels in Hong Kong, New York, Paris and London. I think that's propably the reason they divorced. Dad stayed home all the time, while mom and me...just stayed in hotels all the time. They might as well have been divorced, for all the difference it made.
    Also, I've been homeschooled. If you think school sucks, try doing maths while your mother screams down a phone that she needs indigo denim, not acid wash.
    Does acid wash even use acid? Why would anybody wear jeans that were dipped in acid? Ew.

    I don't even know where I was born. When I was born, mom didn't do any typical stuff like feed me and coo over me.
    No, instead she realised what the world needed was a fashion line that had jeans for babies.
    I have a feeling that I was probably used as a model for fittings a lot. If you're rich, and have a baby brother or sister coming along, no doubt you'll have heard of it. It's called Grow Up Shopping.
    Seriously. I mean, I love clothes, but for your mother to want you to grow up shopping? Scary.

    I stare out the window. Why are plane windows always so small? Even though I'm thirteen, and should be past wanting to stare out the plane window, there's just something about staring out a window. I have a thing about watching clouds. If I have get a glimpse of the sky, I'll be staring at the clouds for the next fifteen minutes. It drives my mother crazy. Dad? I don't think he really cares. Mostly he's trying to figure out if those shoes go with that suit. No, he's not gay, he just writes a fashion column for guys. It has stupid stuff like "If you want to make an impression on a pretty lady, go for a great tie in geometri print."
    Maybe that's why they divorced.

    The girl in front of me is scribbling madly in a notebook. I can't help it, I'm seriously bored, and so I peek over at what she's writing.
    And so, in conclusion, I think that the myth of King Arthur is complete and utter nonsense. Why do we even study this? Shouldn't we study I don't know, history, instead of you going on and on about your love life, and how we should all learn from King Arthur's mistakes? What mistakes, anyway? Falling in love with that Geniviere girl?
    I can't help myself, before you know it, I'm speaking. "You'll so get a bad grade if you turn that in."
    She looks around hurridly. When she sees me with my head stuck between the bit between each seat, she looks confused, then annoyed, then bored. "Doubt it. I don't think the teacher even read them, she just grades essays according to what paper is used."
    I laugh. "Hmm, if my mother ever graded my papers, she'd probably do that."
    She wrinkles up her nose, pushing a strand of thick flyaway blonde hair behind her pointy ears. "Why would your mom grade them?"
    I sigh. "Homeschooling. It sucks."
    The plane starts to dip, and the air hostess starts going around telling us to put on our seatbelts.
    As if we couldn't tell that from the flashing PUT YOUR SEATBELTS ON NOW sign.
    I start gathering up my various magazines and books, putting on my jacket (a black wool vintage jacket) and getting up. I look in my compact and realise my curly red hair has not reacted well to the plane. Maybe I should audition for the bride of Frankenstein. I mean, I've got the hair.

    Everybody is standing up, holding their hand luggage. We wait...and wait. The pilot tells us we;re ten minutes early.
    Oh joy.
    Five minutes later, we're squirming, wishing they'd bring up the stairs already. I look at the girl. And sigh. "How come this always happens to me? Everytime I get on a plane, there's a delay."
    She smiles. "Me too. Last time we were waiting an hour while they tried to figure out how to open the luggage compartment." I snigger. "Last time I was visiting my dad, some popstars' plane landed, and our stairs were promptly brought out to her. Then they seemed to forget about us, because we were there for an hour."
    "That sure tops any plane horror story I've ever heard."
    I look at my watch, wondering how the face is so scratched. "Why are you here? Holiday?"
    "Nah. Visiting my mum and her new boyfriend," she says in an American accent. I've travelled so much that whenever I meet someone, they stare at me for hours, and then start guessing games. Are you from New York? Tokyo? Paris? London? Ireland? Dubai?
    "What are you doing?"
    "Visiting my dad and his new girlfriend."
    "Freaky. Maybe my mum is your dad's girl?"
    "Yeah, that would be cool," I say. None of us really believe it, we're just passing time.
    "Ah, there appears to be a delay...Um, they put the stairs on the wrong side of the plane. We'll have to wait about ten minutes before we can get off."
    There is a collective sigh. "So, do you want to do anything here?" the girl says. "Oh, yeah, my name is Chelsey."
    "Katie. And, there's not much I haven't done in Paris. I'll propably just go shopping."
    "Funny, that's what I was planning! There's supposed to be some great flea markets."
    Suddenly, I wish Chelsey was my dad's girlfriends' daughter. I've never really had friends, and it would be so fun to have someone to go shopping with.

    Finally, we get off the plane, and head over to the luggage reclaim. I finally spot my case (a silver metalic one that I've scribbled all over), and she spots hers and jumps up and down as she waits. Hers is a pretty fashionable black one with white polka dots, with a huge sticker that says FIRST TIME ABROAD, NO STICKERS TO SHOW.

    I spot my dad, with a pretty woman in plum trenchcoat. I rush towards him. "Dad!" And then I hear Chelsey beside me, rushing to hug the woman. Then we look at each other.
    Looks like we'll be hitting those flea markets after all.

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006


    Further proof that Meg Cabot is fabulous. That's a GREAT blog on staying out of danger...almost as good as the July issue Teen Vogue's article. Personally, I will use those tips for when I stop being a homebody. I'm scared of getting kidnapped/getting drunk/getting my shoes barfed on.

    Sorry (again)

    I'm sorry, but I'll have to stop linking everyone who comments. There are too many of you! (I can't believe I just said that! Too many people are reading my blog!) Don't worry, if your link is up it will stay up. And if you link me, I'll link you. If I like your blog, it's likely I'll link you. But otherwise...

    PS: We ate out today. At a noodle bar. At places like that I usually order from the kids menu. But at this place, you can only order it if you're under ten. Plus, everything had meat and/or noodles. Ew. I ended up just having a mango tart and some ice cream. They only gave me one scoop of ice cream. Plus, it was on an empty stomach, so it gave me an instant headache. Which reminds me: ouchouchouchouchouchouchouchouch. And the tart was disgusting. This is unusual for me. I will enjoy anything with ice cream. I swear, that's the last time we're going to somewhere that serves squid and noodles. Sometimes on the same plate. Ew.

    So sorry!

    Sorry for the distinct lack of posting over here. Even though Money Miss is by far my favourite blog, it's just not getting as much attention as it used to. The poor neglected older child blog. Awwww. I got some great stuff today:
    The latest copy on Teen Vogue. (Have you seen the Juicy Couture ads?! I thought with ball gowns you wore stuff that made you like all princess-y, but Juicy Couture has shown me that racking half a dozen sunglasses on each arm over you gloves is just as nice.)
    Bad Kitty, by Michele Jaffe. (One word: hilarious. I love it. A literary spa AND a mystery! What could be better?!)
    Mediator 6, by Meg Cabot. (Have I mentioned I have a major horror/ghost book fetish? These books have ghosts AND Prada!)
    Burts Bees Lipbalm Lip Shimmers in Champagne. (Which I am loving. It's sparkly!!! I'll wear it during the day with no other make-up to make it more casual, but during the evening (even though I'm a homebody, and I stay home and blog and read and watch TV. The exictment is unbearable.) I'll pair it maybe with some lilac eye-shadow.)

    Which brings me onto an important point: not spending is not good. There was a study done recently on being happy, and one of the things was buying yourself a affordable treat now and then. It makes you happy, plus it's good for your wallet. How so? Well, it's like someone who goes on a diet. They don't eat any chocolate for months and then they have a "treat" and end up eating loads. This happens with money as well. If you don't spend anything for ages, when you do spend you'll go on a binge. Therefore it's perfectly reasonable to buy yourself some lipgloss or a movie ticket now and then.

    PS: No, Prada is not an affordable treat.
    PPS: Neither are Manolo Blahniks.

    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    This is my 101st post!!!!

    OK, I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to evryone who's linked me!!! If you've linked me and are saying "Gosh, why hasn't Money Miss linked me?!" It's because I haven't a clue. So tell me. I get a thrill seeing comments, so links? BIG THRILL. :)


    What would you say if I told you I had a new blog?


    How To Have More Money for Important Things (Like Comics)

    Yay! Set off the fireworks!! Money Miss is blogging about money!!!!! You may start cheering now.
    Here are my fantabulous tips for having more money:
    • Get magazines and comics from the library. Now, my local library only has magazines like Good Housekeeping, but I'm going to suggest they get the likes of Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle, and assorted other magazines that I spend too much money on.
    • Get books from the library. And if you're buying them, read reviews first. (Ooh, where would you find reviews? Oh, silly me, I forget that I have a ENTIRE blog devoted to this.)
    • CDs. DVDs. As above. (Except at my local library, they only have arty farty films. Um, Jonny Depp dressed up as a pirate, please.)
    • Try second-hand. You can get jeans for 5 at my local charity shop. 5. And I've found new books for .50. I recently found a completely new Darren Sahn book for .25. Seriously. Wonderful for my horror fetish.
    • Dig out everything you don't want anymore and have a garage sale. Well, no actually. That's so 20th century. eBay's the place to go, dontcha know?
    • Speaking of eBay, I've seen designer clothes for 10. But I only buy from eBay shops, because you just don't know with individuals.
    • Do you have a discount bookshop near you? There's one really near where I live, and I've seriously cheap books and stationary. Like really pretty notebooks for 1. There's a discount newsagent that's further away, but whenever I'm near there I go and get a Teen Vogue. (Can you tell I'm addicted to it?) It's about half the price of anywhere else.
    • Compare, compare, compare, compare, compare, COMPARE. I cannot say this enough.

    PS: I have another blog. fashionbloglove.blogspot.com

    Saturday, August 12, 2006

    For those of us with bad haircuts...

    I've found this: http://badhairblog.blogspot.com/

    *sigh* My ophan Annie haircut looks ridiclous. You know Shirley Temple? I have a haircut like hers.

    Just shoot me.
    I think I'll start a blog for people feeling bitter and twisted about their hairdressing experiences. Excuse me a mo...
    Here it is: http://ihatethathairdresser.blogspot.com/

    I'm serious, this did actually happen

    ***This is a true conversation that I heard at the beach a month or two ago. It is now being posted here for your reading pleasure. If you are the people featured in this blog, IT'S NOT YOU. Please don't sue me.***
    The scene: The beach
    Main characters: Girl #1, Guy #1
    Extras: Girl #2, Girl #3, Girl #4, Girl #5, Girl #6, Guy #1, Guy #2, Guy #3, Guy #4, Guy #5
    Girl #1: Ohmigod, ___, this is like miles away from the carpark! It'll take ages to walk back.
    Guy #1: *points at sand dunes* Let's go up there.
    Girl #1: *stunned* My gawd, ____, that's even further away! We can't go up there!
    Guy #1: Well, you see, we don't actually mind, because we're not fat bitches like you.

    NB: These girls are NOT fat. They look aneroxic. Though they are bitches.
    As they trudge up sand dunes:
    Guy #1: Gawd, the beach is so fucking depressing.
    Girl #2: That's because you're fucking depressing.
    Girl #1: Yeah! Don't sit with us! We don't want someone so depressing sitting with us.
    Guy #1: Fine. But I have the drinks, remember?
    Girl #1: Oh yeah?! Well, we have coke.
    Guy #1: Yeah, that's really gonna work. *as he walks off, he mutters* Bitches.

    Guys, I'm serious, I'm not making this up. It actually happened. What I find most astounding of all, is that Guy #1 and Girl #1 are bf/gf.
    Actually, they're both jerks, so it works perfectly.

    (PS: No, it's not unethical for me to enter a contest of my making, because I said I won't win. Unless no one else enters.)

    The crappy prizes:
    1. One (1) link on my site.
    The chance to host "CRAZEE PEOPLE" on YOUR blog! So go on, point the pointer thingy at the links. Now, excuse me, I'm starving, I have to eat.

    These things REALLY bug me.

    1. Pages that take ages to load. I'm trying to decide whether to blame my dial-up internet connection or the pages for the fact I'm living in blue bar land.
    2. Not being able to get all my school books. It's bad enough that I have to get them, but having to go to two different places, and still have to trudge back up next week makes it even more annoying.
    3. That sidebar. It's becoming the bane of my life.
    4. The rain. This always happens. It's your last few weeks...and it rains.
    5. Leggings/stirrup pants/skinny jeans. Please. Get rid of them. I'm not a supermodel, and I'm not going to try to wear a supermodels clothes.
    6. Tracksuits tucked into Uggs, with a glittery bag and Abercrombie & Fitch sweatshirt. This is just plain wrong. But yet it's the height of fashion.
    7. How everyone is aneroxic. Well, look it, anyway. All the girls at H&M are tiny. Maybe this is why I'm so much taller then them, they have stunted growth because they don't eat. I'm beginning to think they are walking Barbie dolls, like in the movie Eve. They don't eat, and they're way too skinny. Yep, Barbies all right.
    8. Spammers. What can I say? They suck.

    My new favourite TV show

    Does anyone else love Curb Your Enthusiasm? That show is hilarious. What I think is even cooler is that they don't have a script---they just have a rough idea of the plot, and they imporovise. How cool is that?! The people in my old drama class wouldn't last very long, though---mostly we argued about what the plot should be, and then we were absolutely rubbish. Of course, the other groups were always rubbish, too, because they were like us. Um, it might be a better idea if we didn't do a CYE thing, wouldn't it?
    I'm feeling MUCH better today. People telling me they love my blogs does that to me. (Yes, thank you i'llnevertell) Plus, I'm having fun with my new blog. God, I have four blogs. And apparently an xanga. I don't even know what xanga is. But apparently people go to it. Whatever it is. And thanks, Anna. Though it kind of made me confused why you'd buy hangers. Anyway, I'll just probably use this blog for ranting about school, but I'll try and blog about money.

    You know, as soon as I figure what to blog about. Anyway, ta ta, if it's hot where you live, eat an ice-cream.
    You know, even though it's rainy, I think I'll still have an ice-cream. Though I'll probably get pneumonia and hypothermia. But anyway.

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    In an effort to cheer myself up

    I've created a new blog called book-worm-girl.blogspot.com

    I am now staring gloomily at my computer screen

    Sorry for the lack of money posting. I'm kinda bummed out, because I got my school books. And that it's raining all the time. And that my hair is behaving weird. And that I still have a few weeks before I can go to Lush, and buy loads of nice smelly stuff because I need to save the money. And that the world obviously doesn't like me, becasue it's raining all the time. In my last few weeks of freedom. And that my sidebars broken. Not even the fact that I've had 501 hits will cheer me up. Basically, I spent today reading comic books and moaning. So, I'll probably be moaning for a while, and basically you'll all get sick of me, and then I will have no readers and be even more bummed out. *sigh*
    The only thing that cheered me up was a hilarious post about some dumb DJ that Annje at Mundane Existence wrote about.
    Someone give me loads of smilies of something. *sigh*

    Thursday, August 10, 2006


    It is advisable that you leave this post immediately, as I will go totally nuts.
    I got my school books today.
    All but three.
    OH MY GIDDY AUNT, THEY'RE SO HEAVY!!!!!! Your backpack should only weigh 10-15% of your body weight.
    Those books are WAAAAAY more then that. I'm going to be a freaking hunchback by the time I leave school!!! We needed three large carrier bags to fit the books in.

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    Oh, great

    So, my sidebar was fine for 3 seconds. WHAT BROKE IT THIS TIME?!
    Also, comment moderation is off. I keep on worrying there's comments, but there aren't. So. It's off. Will word verification be enough to keep SpammerJerk away? Stay tuned!

    The horror. The horror.

    Oh my giddy aunt. I just read this: http://www.thebudgetfashionista.com/archives/fashion/the_rumors_are.php#comment
    Jodphurs (I assume they are jodphurs, as I have no idea what stirrup pants are), are. In. Fashion.
    I mean, for the love of blogging, ISN'T SHOPPING HARD ENOUGH???
    Without adding stupid styles like jodphurs and skinny jeans. I mean, I am a European size 14 (US size 10), and those things only like good on size 8s. Or size 4s.
    Oh. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't let more skinny styles hit the shops...

    *looks shifty*

    Guess what broke the sidebar?
    Go on. Guess.

    I used too much puncutation.

    PS: Let's see if Word Verification and Comment Moderation stop SpammerJerk. WHY IS S/HE SPAMMING ME?!

    WHAT is it about today?

    Why does dirt keep on falling on me?!
    I was in the library, reading, and suddenly all these paint chips and stuff start falling on me. And just now, a part of a leaf came in through the window. DO I HAVE A SIGN THAT SAYS "DIRT, PLEASE FALL ON ME" OR SOMETHING?
    Today is just not going my way, what with the return of SpammerJerk, and the dirt thing.


    That stupid JERK spammed me again!!!!!
    I am now deleting the stupid spammer, and putting on word verification.

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    OK, THIS sucks

    How come I always manage to break the sidebar?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I was TRYING to change the name of the comments, but I GUESS I broke the sidebar.


    Petcare 4 Cheap?! Nah!

    Pets are suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper expensive. And you should know that before you get pet. But, there are a few ways that petcare can be cut down.
    • First of all, don't buy a pet, adopt it! Get a pet from the animal shelter---you'll be doing a good deed and it's cheaper!
    • You should feed your furry friend on the best food---some of the time. Here's a tip: only give it the fancy food once a day. Except if your cat is already accustomed to really good food already. Like mine.
    • Toys are soooooo expensive. Animals pretty much are happy with some string or a tennis ball, so don't waste money on fancy toys. (Check out http://www.thriftyfun.com/Pets_Dog%20Toys_1078_1089.html and http://www.worldwise.com/pettoys.html and http://www.flippyscatpage.com/toys.html
    • Don't buy the pet stuff like leashes and colars in a pet shop! You can find cheaper ones out of the pet shop, so save your money.
    • And last, but most important, spend some time with your pet. Hey, it's free!


    Oh my GIDDY AUNT! I've had 405 hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Check it OUT!

    One of my fave authors, Meg Cabot, has written an article on how to be popular.

    OK, it's for parents, but it's still a good article, and you should go read it. Here's a quote:
    "Self-confidence can't be faked, but it can be fostered."
    Seriously, when I was little, I was pretty shy. As in, the kind of girl the teachers would ask other girls to be friends with.
    Yeah. THAT type of girl. But when I started acting, when I was about eight, I just got more and more confident. And I'd just kind of pretend. And eventually, I was so not shy. I was the girl who teachers asked to look out for shy girls. If you met me, you wouldn't believe this, but I used to have to force myself to go up and talk to people. I just pretended I wasn't worried or shy. And I actually hardly ever feel shy now, years later. So, maybe it can't be faked, but acting as if you do have confidence can be faked. And, hey, it worked for me.

    This really is pathetic

    It's summer. There's no good TV. I've read my Teen Vogue to pieces. My manga collection just isn't any good any more. Well, I have read it a lot.
    So, in other words, I'm seriously bored. And my life has become pathetic. Want to know how pathetic??

    Well, in the Garfield comic strips, Jon actually got a girlfriend. And it's Jen the vet. I KNOW! Just like the movie!!!!

    That's actually a big event for me.

    And then I'm feeling bitter because of the uniform policy at school.

    At least I've got some good books. Seriously, in the four or five days since I declared the library had NOTHING for me to read, they've gone and bought new books!!! Seriously!!!
    Right now I'm reading Does my head look big in this?, by Randa Abdel-Fattah.
    I thought it would be all worthy, but it's not. So.



    JargonTalk gave me the link after I blogged about it, and I just HAD to share this photo with you! It's from shop.newline.com 18k Gold Snakes on a Plane Pendent with Diamonds---nice.

    Monday, August 07, 2006


    My hair feels seriously weird. This is because I put in olive oil, and then I washed it, and now my hair is wet and olive-oily. Ugh.

    Things to do for FREE!!!

    Don't worry, I won't say stupid stuff like "Go to a art gallery". (Whoever invented art galleries should be tortured. They are an excuse for parents to drag their sulky kids around looking at paintings. And then they want to discuss them. DON'T TRY AND GET ME TO DISCUSS PAINTINGS, OK Ahem.) So, here is my list of FUN FREE things. For the 21st century.
    1. Start a blog! (If you have one, post lots of bloggerings.)
    2. Turn up the music and dance crazily around your room.
    3. Have a picnic in the back garden. (Only free if you don't buy the food. Snitch it from the fridge.)
    4. Stick your tongue out at someone. (Note: this might not be a good idea if you have a crush on someone, and then stick your tongue out at them, and they look at you as if you're crazy, and then you realise that you two are SO not meant for each other Um. *looks shifty*)
    5. Turn on the TV and laugh at the Snakes on a Plane trailer.
    6. Send an email to someone. If you want, you could seralise a story, and send it to your friends, and have them waiting on tenterhooks.
    7. Start a slambook, and ask crazy questions. (A slambook is a notebook where someone writes a question, and everyone answers it. Then someone else writes a question, and so on until you fill up the notebook.)
    8. Feng shui your room. (You can find out about that @ ellenwhitehurst.com)
    9. Go to the library and get out a book you'd never usually read.
    10. Get all the clothes you don't want anymore, and have a clothes swap with your friends.


    I saw the trailer last night.
    LOL!!! I have GOT to see that. It looks so bad, that it's bordering on genius. "Remember the emergency situations we discussed? We'll, we've got one we didn't think of. He's launched {insert number} posinous snakes on a plane."
    Seriously, how did they think of that?!

    OK, let's give this a try...

    Pleeeeeeeeeeease let this work.
    Thank you, JargonTalk. For enlightening me to how things work and linking me.
    Thank you, Miss Couture, for linking me.
    Now pressing publish and waiting anxiously to see if crossing things out, sorry, strikethrough worked...

    Sunday, August 06, 2006

    Surfing the Sales

    Ah. The sales. Unfortunately, I have no money (allowance increase and clothes allowance have not yet come into play), but I still know loads about getting bargains.
    • OK, it's too late now, but if you can, go to a few shops before the sales and see what the average price of what you want is. So, if you want an MP3 player, you'll know the average price is, say, 145, so if you see one for 100, you'll know to go for it.
    • Have a game plan. Don't go mindlessly into sales and hope you'll find good stuff. Have a list of stuff you need, and then find it.
    • Tons of clothes shops have pre-season sales in June of July, or January or March. This would be a good time to get future clothes.
    • Only buy it if you will use it. (I will NOT say if you need it. Many things are not needed, but wanted.)
    • If you know your shoes and clothes size in certain shops, you won't waste time faffing around trying to find your size.
    • It may not be a sale. Know the Christmas sales? (Yeah, I know, months off.) Well, most shops put up their goods by say 20% in November, then in December have 20% off the item. Once again, know the average price.
    • Take advantage off the fact you're a kid, and go on a week day, when there'll be hardly anyone there.

    Saturday, August 05, 2006


    Remember how I was trying for a bigger allowance? Well, breakthrough! I'm not getting 25 per week, but I'm getting 12, which is a LOT better then 7! I'm also getting 200 per year for clothes.
    I think I did pretty good, no?

    PPL who know about blogger only!

    How do you do that cool thing where you cross out bits? Like a line through it?

    Warning: contains bloggerings!

    So, I'm bored, so I'll be bloggering for a while. You may or may not choose to read this post, I don't really care. Just filling up time.

    So...we're all agreed, spammers suck. Spammers are NOT welcome. If you do I will blog in CAPITAL LETTERS, WHICH MEANS SHOUTING about you. And everyone will agree how stupid you are.

    I'm amazed people actually read my blog. 9 outta 10 blogs aren't about money...they're just me bloggering. So, thank you for reading my blog. You all rock.

    As I mentioned before, the creative juices are about as juicy as my computer, AKA not juicy at all. (Wow, I think of weird metaphors, don't I? I have too much time on my hands, and I fill it up by bloggering a lot, thinking of weird metaphors, and making up words. Like stupoid. Which means stupid and annoying, and rhymes with cuboid. OK, waaaaaaaaaaaay too much time.) So, if you're sick of my bloggering, give me something money-related to blog about, and I will forever be in your debt.
    OK, not really. But I will blog about whatever it is. OK?

    School is coming closer. Impending doom. Once again, I ask the question: does lipgloss count as natural make-up? What IS natural make-up? And I wonder how hideous my school shoes will be...

    The main reason blogging has become such an addiction is that normally, in times of great boredom, I would watch TV. However, it's summer...All that is on is reality TV. Ack!

    My mum has been going on for about 7 years about how she's going to throw out the TV. Yeah, sure. And if she does, I'll just download programmes from the net. Ha.

    Is anyone bored? You can leave now.

    How come I never have any money at the sales???? I'm missing great sales at H&M and asos.com.
    And they are my fave shops...Boo hoo!!!

    I hope everyone is greatful that to do my Black T & Jeans post I had to pull out all my clothes...it's a mess, that wardrobe.
    And I'd just got it tidy. The things I do for you!

    The library has no good books anymore. I've read them all. Well, there are loads I haven't read, but they're "worthy". It's so annoying, because some idiot gets it into their head that they want to teach kids a lesson through literature, and then I read the crappy book and waste a load of my time. Grr! Death to worthy authors!

    I'll stop now. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CRAZEE PEOPLE! update

    So, the contest can now be found at http://eriktheuncool.blogspot.com. Let's hope more people will enter it this time!!!! So, go one, go all, the the new home of CRAZEE PEOPLE!!!!

    And let's hope he links me, so everyone can visit the creator. (Can anyone smell a big, fat, hint?)

    Today I...

    • Signed a petition to stop the bombing of Lebanon
    • Ate goooooorgeous Italain gelato---that's ice cream, BTW.
    • Complained about the heat
    • Got up a 10, instead of noon. That's early, by my standards.
    • Saw my blog has had 300 hits
    • Realised another thing I want to do when I (don't) grow up
    • Updated my blog!

    When I Grow Up...

    OK, I'm afraid there will be tons of bloggerings on, uh, me, instead of money, BECAUSE I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING. To freaking hot. So, save my blog and suggest what I should blog about next.

    Now, back to the header. I've decided I want to work as a busker. That's because there were a load of street performers in the park. Yo-Yos, Hula Hoops, and unicycles, oh my! Yeah, weird career choice, but they get to wear cool outfits and work with toys. Yes, it will be a bit of trouble fitting it in with my acting career/manga writing career/music career/journalism career. But I'm sure I'll manage.


    *in shock*

    300 hits.

    You do realise you guys rock, right?

    Friday, August 04, 2006

    Gold Envelope

    Crazee people update: I can't wait! I'm closing it a day early, no one else is going to enter, anyway. So, now get your imagination to work. We are in {insert cool city} in {insert building}, and I am about to make the speech!
    So, it was hard to choose, especially with the great mass of entries (HA!), but I did choose. Now, I would like you to know that you are both crazy. Now, remember the prize:
    1. One nice shiny link. (Though, you are both up there already.)
    2. You get to host & judge the CRAZEE PEOPLE contest on your blog. You will choose a new crazy topic. Make sure you mention that *I* invented it, OK?(Preferably something to do with insane things and the like.)
    So, the winner is....

    Because your crazy moment was so...crazy. It also sounded like something I would do. So, congratulations! Or should that be book yourself into a mental ward? Anna, not that your moment wasn't crazy---I mean, what I uh, was that Erik---oh, sorry, I didn't mean---

    Someone haul me out of the hole I just dug myself into.

    Whoops, didn't all go up! More outfits!

    So, after a lotta trouble, all the outfits didn't go up. And just now, they didn't go up. I will try once more, fair reader, but if it doesn't work this time, WORSE LUCK. No more cute outfits. For when you feel all sporty, and like a Lacoste ad. Except you don't have the money. Never fear, throw on a bright visor, a wristband, and a bright sweatshirt. Just don't strike a Lacoste pose, OK?
    For days when you feel too cute for words. Gingham Alice band, check. Charm braclet, check. Cute shrug cardigan, check.....
    ....And for days when you don't feel sweet, but punk-rock like, throw on a plastic Alice band. Some badges. A chunky beaded bracelet. And that wristband.
    Ah, the life of a surfer chick. Even if you don't live near a beach or surf, you can still look like you do! This sarong is from when I was a little kid, and now it's cute over jeans. Don't forget the wooden beaded jewellery.
    When you feel oh so 50s, nothing will do but but a polka dotted hairband. And a charm bracelet. And your/my fave belt. (Once again, 'round the waist.)

    Tons of outfits with a black T-Shirt & Jeans!

    Here it is! I got some batteries, so here is the long-awaited blog! The stuff in these pics are pretty easy to come by, but transform any outfit! Best of all, they've come from lots of trawls of discount shops, so were verrrry cheap. I looooove this look! Get an oversized mens shirt, put on your T over it, throw on some boho beads, swing a patterned scarf 'round your hips and volia!
    This is for the days you feel like a star. Who's been parting all night. Grab your shades, a headscarf, and a cool belt. (Which you must wear tightly cinched around your waist.)

    When you want to look cool, but hot, if you know what I mean. Some cute faux fur lined gloves, a pretty hat, a blazer and you're good to go!
    And this one is for the days it's so cold you don't care. Bodywarmer + scarf + hat = toasty! You might want to put on something warmer then a T, though.

    What I'm Saving For or WHERE DO I GET THE MONEY?!

    Just in case anyone would perhaps wonder my savings goals, and wants to see that though I help you all I could do with some help. (By help, I mean money.) So, here are my savings goals:
    • Faux suede brown boots from Alternative Outfitters.com---47
    • "Bow" lip gloss from bnevertoobusytobebeautiful.com---10 (not including shipping---still trying to find that out!)

    Total: 57

    Currently saved: 38

    To save: 21


    So, I want to save 50 more by the end of the year---I've already saved 50 this year, so here's hoping!

    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    To budget or not to budget, that is the question.

    Now, if you are anything like me, your income will be quite small. If you're not like me, you will have a decent/large income. Now, personally, I don't have a fixed budget, because of my small allowance. I mean, if I did have a budget, I wouldn't buy ANYTHING, because the amounts allocated would be so small. This way, I can actually buy things. One months I might spend it on clothes, the next books, the next, um, clothes, and the next, um, books. Oh, not forgetting manga! Where was I? BUT, if I did have a larger income, I might have a budget. So, if you do have a decent/large allowance, make up a budget. Here's how:
    1. First, for one week, track everything you spend. And I mean EVERYTHING. Those cute shoes, that comic book, those packets of gum, the bus fare.
    2. So, now you have a basic idea of how much money you need.
    3. This is the hard bit. Divide what you spent into categories (clothes, books, magazines, jumbo jets...just kidding!), and allocate the amount of money to them that is necessary.
    4. Be sure to include saving is an expense! (In case you didn't know, you should save at least 10% of your income. I save 20%.)
    5. Have a bit for anything. There'll always be something you didn't expect.
    6. There. You have your budget. Now just stick to it...
    7. So, now you have you budget. Now all you have to do is stick to it. Easier said then done.

    Big on style, low on cash

    Haven't you always wanted to be one of those people who wear the fashionable stuff before everyone else? Well, http://http://www.infomat.com/trends/index.html is definitely a good place to start. Seeing as it's actually for fashion designers, you'll be ohso cool. Here are some ways to get the looks that will be big, according to them, on a budget:
    *Let's pretend I'm Coco
    If you bought a trench coat over the summer, or even a belted mac, you can use that for this look. Just pair it with Coco Chanel-esque hat, and jeans, and you're on your way. (Also in style are tuxedos, also Chanel-esque. But don't wear those, you'll dump them.)
    *Geisha Girl
    Once again, Asian looks are HOT. Instead of buying a kimono, buy an Asian styled scarf, and swing it around your hips.
    *Folk grunge
    This is such a easy look to carry off, and is perfect for when you just can't be bothered. Just wear a long cardigan, a fringy scarf, and some jeans, and you've got it!

    PS: Once I get batteries, and I do the black T-Shirt/Jeans post, I'll also try to work these looks in, OK?

    CRAZEE PEOPLE! contest.

    Only 2 more days to enter!!!

    How Appear Smarter Then You Actually Are

    1. You don't actually have to read those books. You know, the ones that win all the awards. Instead, you can merely Google their authors, and read interviews with them. Then you can say: "Did you know {insert author} based {insert book} on his childhood experiences of Disneyland?". Never say that you've read it, merely that you heard an interesting titbit.
    2. Watch 10 minutes of the news. Just 10 minutes. You will catch one news story, and can then converse on it.
    3. Wikipedia is, of course, you tool to appearing smarter. Merely type in some random thing, and read interesting articles.
    4. Blogs are another tool. Here are some ones that have v. good stories that you can converse about:

    Digital Inspiration

    Don't Believe the Hype

    Current Event Girl

    5. Now all you have to do is talk about all the things you've learnt, accompanied with witty comments.


    You can read all about my dilemma here.
    Help me, please!

    What I'm Reading

    Crooked House, by Agatha Christie. Rating: Everyone who reads my blog should know I adore these books.

    More Money. Please?

    OK, so right now I'm slowly angling towards more allowance money. Right now I have a measly 7 per week, and I'm angling for 25. Oh, dear. So, I'm going to do the whole "being nice to parents" thing, as I mentioned in a previous post. Also, I'm going to get my parents to buy me most stuff, such as clothes, tights, snacks, shoes, magazines, books, and so on. And when they complain? Well, I'll say: "It's your fault for giving me so little money.". After about three weeks of this, I will start hinting for a week. And then I'll say: "If you give me more allowance money, then you wouldn't have to buy me all this stuff, because I could buy it myself". OK, time to put that plan in action. BIG SMILE. Wish me luck, OK?

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    OK, Think Postive. POSTIVE.

    So, I'm trying to think of the spam thing as...positive. AGREE. How can this possibly be? Well, here is my reasoning (feel free to find fault) (whoa, try saying that three times):
    If you're spammed, you must be worth spamming. Therefore, if you are spammed, you are sucessful.
    But, if I get one more I AM SOOOOO PUTTING ON THE WORD VERIFICATION. And you know how annoying that is. Plus, if you don't have Blogger it doesn't show up, so you have to click on the wheelchair to hear the letters. Plus, I will so delete you. (If you scroll down to "ENOUGH WITH THE REALITY TV!!!!", you will see that oh so charming message: This comment has been removed by the blog administrator. So, Mr/Ms. Spammer, IT DIDN'T WORK.) Anyway, I am so thrilled that I have had excess of 200 since the 23rd of July. I'm so happy!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the two people who voted who said that I am crazy, but that's why I'm cool.
    And you've only got 3 more days to enter the CRAZEE PEOPLE contest!


    202!!!!! HITS!!!!! I'M!!!! SO!!!! HAPPY!!!!! YOU!!!! GUYS!!!! ROCK!!!!!

    Oh la la!

    OK, I'm in love with asos.com The clothes are cheaper then I've seen on the high street, at least in the sale, and so much more pretty! They ship to practically anywhere. Unfortunately, some of the sizes are waaay too small. Here are my favourites:

    Fruit Trim Wedge Sandal

    Jackie O Sunglasses in the style of Kylie Minogue.

    Wooden Bead Belt

    Oversized Thick Plastic Frame in the Style of Paris Hilton. (Who normaly I hate, but have you SEEN these sunnies? And so cheap!!!!)

    These are all from the Sale Shop. (Well, duh, what else did you expect?)

    I've been spammed

    Grr! I hate spammers! Look, here is what I have to say to you, you spammer:
    1) Before you spam, do some research. Your stupid "I didn't quite find what I was looking for, some extra ways to make money" comment is NOT GOOD. Hello? I did a post on money yesterday, you MORON. Also, I can TELL that you were a spammer because of this next bit: "I found a great way to make extra money having fun! I've made over $900 last month! {link to survey website}"
    3) Do you think I am a fool? Taking surveys is not fun. The money might be, but not the SURVEY.
    4) Did I mention I hate spammers?
    5) You might want to spam some other, more successful blog in future. Or maybe one where they are all MORONS, LIKE YOU, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO WOULD FALL FOR YOUR STUPID SPAMMING THING.
    6) Did you think by not putting your name to the post I wouldn't realise you were a spammer?! Huh?!
    God, I HATE spammers!!! Death to spammers!!!

    I really need to clean

    OK, I was planning to do a post today about all the different outfits you can have with a black T-Shirt and a pair of jeans, complete with pictures, but I couldn't find my camera. I was searching for ages amongst the pile of...stuff, and I got all dusty, but I couldn't find it. So, I was like: "Ohmigod, those cameras are 335!!! I can't afford to buy another!! I couldn't even afford the first!!". (It was a present.) So, after hours of searching, and hauling piles of books around to look underneath them to see if my camera was underneath them (you would understand this if you knew me) (that was a LOT of hauling. I own about 500 books, and about 120 of them were scattered around in piles, so that was a LOT of hauling), and I had just about given up, and was looking for this cheap rubbish digital camera that was like 20, and I found the rubbish one, BUT GUESS WHAT WAS BESIDE IT? Yes, you guessed. Right beside the rubbish one, in some drawer, THERE WAS MY CAMERA. So I was like, oh goody, I haven't lost 335 worth of pixels, so I tried to turn it on, but it wouldn't work. GUESS WHY?! There were no batteries. So then I went on a battery search, and GUESS WHAT????? We had NO batteries. So I'm going to have to postpone that post, until I get some batteries. You understand, right?

    Now taking questions

    Does anyone have anything in particular they want me to blog about?

    Now taking questions

    No idea what to call this post. Suggestions?

    So, all the horoscopes I've read for my sign say to be careful with money, I need it for something. I ALWAYS NEED SOMETHING, BUT CANNOT BUT IT WITH MY MEASLY ALLOWANCE. I mean, I have to save for three weeks just to be able to afford a skirt from H&M. (Which I love.)
    And that's in the sales. I can't actually do any of my summer job ideas, because it's raining, and there are no kids/old people at the park. There are no dogs where I live. (Well, there's a really fierce alsatian, but like I'm gonna walk HIM. Nuh-uh. Not on your life.) I can't knit anything bigger then a iPod sock, and beside I've lost my knitting needles. (Actually, I've lost everything I own, practically. It is summer, so I'm lazy, and therefore everything has been reduced to giant piles of...stuff.) (Come to think of it, I'm lazy all the time.) You know, you don't actually have to read the rest of this post, I'll just be ranting and raving. Again. OK, like I do all the time.
    This begs another question: WHY ARE ALL THE CLOTHES SO EXPENSIVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    This is because where I live everyone is airheads who don't actually do anything except shop, and their parents give them tons of money to spend in Tommy Hilfiger and H&M. (Hmm, good thing this blog is anonymous, right?) WHERE DID ALL THE CLEVER PEOPLE GO?
    Also, I need more money. Wish me luck on the begging thing. Or maybe someone will move in next door who happens to have a lovely labrador that needs to be walked. Here's hoping. Normal service will resume (less crazy ranting, and more stuff about money)...NOW.

    Come play

    in the Junkyard! C'mon, I'm the only one there! junkyardpoetry.blogspot.com

    What I'm Reading

    Voices, by Ursula Le Guin. Rating: put-downable. But OK.

    Miss Perfectionist

    OK, I admit it. I'm a perfectionist. I will probably never be done tinkering with my blog, adding links, clocks, polls, and hit counters. What can I say? I have a Type A personality.


    OK, you know that picture on my profile? The one I spent about 3 seconds doing on paint? Well, I did my hair like it was before I got my awful haircut. As in, a mess but OK. I just couldn't bring myself to do my awful haircut. Anyway, it will look like that in a few months.

    I think.

    OK, I hope.

    If everyone could please send hair-growing vibes to me, so that my hair will be OK for school, that would be much appreciated.

    Oh, mighty fridge freezer!

    So, we have a new fridge/freezer. It is GIGANTIC. How are we going to get stuff in there? I mean, it's like two feet taller then me. And I'm taller then my mom, so how is SHE going to get stuff in?! I think it's the god of fridges. All the other fridges must worship it. All other puny fridges are mere descendants. OUR fridge is the KING/QUEEN! The fridge part is king and the freezer part is queen. When it arrived we stared in awe at it. It is truly fridge royalty.

    PS: Why did it have on the packaging: DO NOT JUMP ON? Like I'm going to jump on a FRIDGE. Everyone knows cookers are much bouncier.

    Why, why, WHY?!

    Oh, dearest computer, why must you do this to me? Why did we get a second hand one? Computer, why? Why won't you display pages after an hour, so I have to disconnect and then reconnect, and for the love of pretty hairbands, WHY DO WE HAVE TO HAVE DIAL-UP?????

    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    The clock

    It isn't even the right time, but isn't it cool?!

    So you're too young too work

    Don't sweat it. There are loads of ways to earn money. Apart from whining at your parents. (Though, that is a favourite of mine!:) )
    • Dogwalking. Just try not to lose the dogs, OK?
    • Lemonade stand. Well, not really. Too corny. But you can make fudge and cookies (check out my easy fudge recipe @ Vegetarian Fashionista) and sell them. Situate yourself somewhere where there are

    A) Loads of little kids or

    B) Loads of old people who can't resist cookies and fudge. (Put on your best smile. Lots of teeth. No, too much teeth. You look like Jaws.) or

    C) Preferably somwhere that grandparents bring their grandkids.

    • Do the shopping. If your parents hate grocery shopping (um, mine), do the food shopping...for a fee. And, oh look! How did those cookies end up there?
    • If you are talented at knitting or anything crafty (*looks shiftly at knitting needles* Stupid things...) sell your fantabulous creations.

    Any more suggestions?


    Vote in my poll! <--- It took AGES to make, so VOTE.

    Is it just me...

    ...or are the days slipping away? I am dreading school. And, OMG, new school. Nothing wrong with that, because for some reason I think it's a good idea to walk up to people and talk them. Except it seems to work, because I have loads of friends. They all regard me with suspicion, but still. It's the teachers. Pretty much all teachers hate me, because despite being Miss Know-It-All, I am a total rebel. As in, "Do we HAVE to do this? I mean, it's pretty boring. We could be doing something else, more fun." NOT a good idea to say that to a teacher. Oh, no. And I have the most hideous uniform ever. Like, as in, it makes Van Gogh's bright paintings look subtle. And there's a no make-up rule. I don't really wear make-up, because I'm afraid that if I do, by the time I'm 30 I'll spend hours putting on make-up. Not that something like that would ever happen. I mean, I don't even brush my hair. Doesn't make a difference if your hair is curly, anyway. :) Another reason I don't wear make-up is it's SO EXPENSIVE. Well, vegetarian make-up, anyway. I can barely afford this lip gloss I have my eye on. And we have to tie our hair back. Let me just say something: MY HAIR IS THICK, CURLY AND FLYAWAY. IT IS A STRUGGLE TO GET IT BEHIND AN ALICE BAND. AND YOU EXPECT ME TO PUT IT IN A PONYTAIL?!
    And also, it is AUGUST. I still have four weeks left. So why, WHY must there be so many back-to-school ads? AND, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP TRYING TO MAKE UNIFORMS LOOK TRENDY. I have actually seen ads trying to make uniforms look trendy. NOT POSSIBLE.
    I also go to an all-girls school. This is actually good, because I tend to get into fights with boys. Usually they say something, I say something, and LOOK. WE HAVE A VERBAL CATFIGHT!

    Take no notice


    I went to Paris, where a stranger came up to me and gave me a Visa. When I brought it into Marc Jacobs, they said there was E10,000 on it. I then went on a shopping spree. Jonny Depp asked me to lunch, but I had to refuse because I was going to Disneyland. Jonny Depp came with me and we had a great time on Pirates of the Carribean ride. I then said farewell to Jonny, and went another shopping spree. As I was having a smoothie and a crossiant, a film producer asked me to be in his film, which concidentally enough, featured Jonny Depp. (My, my, my day sure is full of surprises.) By this time there was only E1,000 left on that visa, so I paid a visit to Chanel and bought some cute (leather free) shoes. Then, I discovered miracilously that I had a lovely tan from all that shopping. Without getting sunburnt. Then a famous clothing designer (can't give out his name) asked me to design some jewellery. Then I went to the Four Seasons and that ended my day.

    Sorry, just having a little fantasy there. :)


    100!!! HITS!!! WOOHOO!!!!

    Monday, July 31, 2006

    What the horoscope said

    Not to run around to much, it can make me cranky. Um, in case you hadn't noticed, it's summer. And I am the girl who infuriated her ballet teacher by saying "I live life in the slow lane". Running around is not going to happen until school when I join the basketball team. Hey, if you're tall, make the most of it. Even if you hate running and frequently trip over your own feet.
    If I have a party this weekend, to plan an outfit, but not to spend too much money. Part? Ha! Yeah, right. The last party I went too, I was eight. I don't like parties now that we're all grown up. I mean, it's just too awkward with boys. Except if you're me. Whatever. And spend too much on a outfit? Moi? Please. I am the girl who thinks H&M is too pricey.

    Crazy people

    To see how crazy we all are, I have decided to start a CRAZEE PEOPLE contest. Simply submit a crazy moment and the winner gets a prize.*

    *OK, not really. The winner gets a link <---. A nice, shiny, link! If you're not up there already. Which you probably are. OK, I know! The winner gets a link on my blog, and then they get to start (and judge) the CRAZEE PEOPLE contest on their blog. As well as a link. OK?
    Closing date: 5th August

    Back to School

    Ha! Fooled you! I'm not doing any school shopping posts because:
    a) I can't really find clothes that fit me, so why would you want my advice? and
    b) I have a uniform, so I have no idea what clothes you need and
    c) It's the 31st of July. School is a month away. It's bad enough seeing the ads, but blogging about it? No way. I'm just going to pretend it's June. The worst thing about back to school? I'm not a morning person. This is me in the morning: "No WHY would I want TOAST for breakfast?! Grr!!! Where's my jumper?! Why is it so hot/cold?!" Accompany with mean looks. So, I'd rather not think about it.

    PS: If you REALLY want to read about back to school, these are some excellent blogs:


    Blogger, why do you continue to torment me? Now my curlygirl thing doesn't work. Password incorrect (how??!!) and no email with nice new password. Grr. Must set up new blog.

    Beware Cheap Websites

    Know why? Well, first of all, the products will probably be cheap (say, 3 for a book) but then the shipping rate will be ridiclous. (10. So your cheap book becomes 13.) So, before you buy anything, look at the shipping rates. Second, if you're buying clothing, make sure the website has a return policy. Otherwise you could end up with something you can't wear. Not good. If you're buying something like unused clothing on eBay, only buy it from a eBay shop, because the seller may not be reputable otherwise. (Has anyone seen the underwear on eBay? Who buys underwear from eBay? WHO?!) Another reason you might want to return it might be that it looks different from the picture. Look at who is shipping it. My mum bought a book on the net, and the shop that sold it to her were fine, but the shipping company weren't. As in, they didn't ring it when it came in, they told her they couldn't see, they didn't know, and she didn't get the book for months. So, um, the moral is: only ship from guys who you know. Or something.

    Prolific, indeed

    With my NEW blog The Curly Side of Life. thecurlysideoflife.blogspot.com


    Fireworks display, please.

    Keep me away from ovens and sharp objects.

    It is the general opinion of many people that I am crazy. I don't know WHERE they got that idea. MWHAHAHAHA---ahem. But anyway. I could start up a whole blog about the crazy things I do, but instead I will list the main reasons:
    A) My clothes. I say: cool. They say: weird. Hey, Minnie Mouse is my style icon.
    B) My voice. CLassic crazy voice. It's high-pitched, and I talk loud (result of drama class. PROJECT.), and my voice can go from not so high-pitched to very sounding like a E note on the cello. (For those of you don't play cello like I do, that means HIGH-PITCHED EXTREME STYLE.)
    C) The things I say. I have a tendancy to say whatever pops into my head. This is usually followed by uncontrollable giggling.
    There are many more, but those are the main things. Now vote in the poll:

    Do you think I'm crazy?
    Well, duh.
    Yes, but that's why you're so cool!
    You're so crazy I don't want to say it.
    No. I am. Mwhahahahaha.
    You aren't, I'm not.
    Free polls from Pollhost.com

    Prolific Blogger, That's Me

    Hey do you spell prolific? According to my mum, I'm a "prolific blogger" Agatha Christie was apparently a "prolific writer" prolific apparently means a lot of something. This is because my NEW blog vegetarianfashionista.blogspot.com has just been unveiled.
    I am totally and utterly addicted to blogging. I know this because I'm on the last three pages of that Agatha Christie book and I PUT IT DOWN so I could blog. I missed the Simpsons so I could blog. Right now the only TV I'm missing is reality TV, so I can't say anything for right now. The time I used to spend doing personality quizzes is now spent on blogging. Well, almost. So, I would like to suggest that they put WARNING: ADDICTIVE on the page where you sign up for a blog.
    Or maybe that's just me.