Monday, June 04, 2007

OK, if you're like me, you'll be broke. Broke as a very broke thing. Sorry, just had to channel my inner Georgia Nicholson for a second. Anyway, SOMEHOW (I don't know how) I managed to get together enough money to buy an iPod. Problem was, there was hardly any music on it---I was too broke to buy any. Sick of cries of "ohmiGAWD you've got hardly any music!!" I decided to try and get some more Enter Free Indie. I am LOVING this site. It has tons of great unheard of bands. And it's free. I've already downloaded about 30 songs in two days. The best band on it HAS to be The Awkward Romance. Their song Blue Sunday has become my personal soundtrack. So, you get free music PLUS you can be that cool girl who listens to really great unknown music. Bonus.


Emma said...

Hello, I love this blog so much!
And I think there should be National Nicolson Day, where we all talk like Georgia.
I'm away laughing on a fast camel now. Ciao, Roma.

Kiki said...

Hey Money Miss
It's Ex-Time Goes By So Slowly.I'm sick of it so I've started Let's cut To The Chase.
Would you mind having a look and giving me some feedback? If you like it, please link me. You're already on my links list =D
Oh and btw, you might want to know there's something called Blubster which lets you get music, any music, as much as u want, for free. Aside from the fact that it's illegal, I haven't caught a virus so you might want to try it.
Thankyouuu xxxxxxxx

(And well done for not spendign your saving on the JC bag! lol)

RICHGUY said...

I really like your blog- have to check on it more often. If you are interested in
maybe you should have a look at my blog :)